Scuba Satin dress with brooches

The off-white scuba satin dress embodies a timeless allure, its fabric is a testament to refined luxury. The dress features an off-shoulder cape that extends gracefully to the back, casting an enchanting aura of ethereal beauty.

The skirt of the dress follows a straight cut, elongating the wearer's figure with its sleek lines; to enhance its appeal, a long overskirt drapes effortlessly over the straight skirt, lending an air of opulence and grandeur.

The beading of the dress takes center stage on the front of the skirt, becoming a symphony of exquisite embellishments. Symmetrically placed beaded brooches, like glistening jewels, catch the light and become focal points of attention. To complete the ensemble, matching gloves in the same off-white hue extend gracefully to the biceps.
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