Fascinated by fashion throughout his childhood and intrigued by the different cuts, styles, and fabrics of dresses, Saiid Kobeisy’s passion grew bigger and wider as he observed the silhouettes that best flattered each woman’s style and character. In the year 2000, Saiid Kobeisy starts designing for private clientele.


Saiid Kobeisy opens his first atelier in Beirut, Lebanon. Defined by regal volumes and unmatched elegance, the Saiid Kobeisy silhouette becomes a portraiture of creativity.


The Saiid Kobeisy Beirut showroom opens its doors with the release of the first Couture collection. Delicately threading the line between timeless and contemporary, the label’s Couture offers high fashion that makes a new and eye-catching statement.


The first Saiid Kobeisy boutique opens in Beirut, Lebanon, and is home to the first Ready-to-Wear Line. Adorned by a firm reputation amongst fashion patrons, the Saiid Kobeisy signature silhouette is found and integrated in the Ready-to-Wear collection.


After his growing popularity in the MENA region, Saiid Kobeisy opens the first boutique in Dubai, the rising fashion hub.


Inspired by the extravagant reveries of the amorous bride, Saiid Kobeisy releases his first bridal collection, fusing dreams and reality into gowns inspiring romance and grandeur, embodying all that’s sophisticated and distinguished in a woman.


Saiid Kobeisy’s ethereal creations travel to more than 35 countries and are displayed in over 130 points of sale.


With the expansion of the brand’s creations, the first Saiid Kobeisy flagship store opens at The Dubai Mall housing an eminent collection of couture, ready-to-wear, and bridal pieces.

Saiid Kobeisy enters the world of bridal fairytales opening a shop-in-shop boutique at The Wedding Gallery in London.


Saiid Kobeisy expands their online presence by joining Farfetch


Saiid Kobeisy opens at Dubai Design District, the hub for international design, luxury and fashion brands. 

The captivating store showcases an exceptional collection of Couture, Ready-To-Wear and Bridal pieces, with a dedicated lounge space for Custom Made creations.