Crepe beaded jumpsuit – Saiid Kobeisy Online

Crepe beaded jumpsuit


Step into the realm of modern royalty with our Off-White Crepe Jumpsuit – a vision of elegance and contemporary flair. The deep V neckline sets the stage for a silhouette that seamlessly marries modernity with regal grace, creating a captivating ensemble that transcends time.

The straight-cut pants introduce a touch of contemporary flair to the ensemble, establishing a sleek and refined aesthetic. Paired harmoniously is a short puffed sleeve jacket featuring cuffs, adding a delightful charm into the overall look.

The jumpsuit itself is a masterpiece, intricately beaded with opulent gold materials. Rich in gold sequins, silver, and gold silk threads, and adorned with delicate small white beads, it becomes a shimmering tapestry that captures the essence of luxury.

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