Tulle beaded dress with Double Satin peplum – Saiid Kobeisy Online

Tulle beaded dress with Double Satin peplum

The ivory tulle dress is a masterpiece of delicate artistry, exuding an air of enchantment and sophistication. The beading on the skirt takes the form of intricate lines, delicately embroidered with precision and care.

Interspersed within the beaded lines are plissé 3D flowers, blossoming like small wonders of nature. Each flower is meticulously crafted from organza, capturing the delicate intricacies and petal-like folds.

The dress is further elevated by ivory double satin voluminous peplums that sit above the tulle skirt. These peplums add a regal touch, creating a striking contrast of textures and silhouettes.
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