Double Satin dress with floral beading – Saiid Kobeisy Online

Double Satin dress with floral beading

In a tapestry of delicate opulence, this off-white tulle top blooms with clusters of ethereal organza flowers and intricate beaded floral motifs. Its heart-shaped bust exudes a romantic allure, while 3/4 sleeves cascade like whispered promises of elegance.

The skirt, fashioned from double satin satin, gleams with matching beadwork, adorned with a majestic, double satin pleated detail, bestowing an air of regal splendor. Each fold tells a story of couture mastery, creating a vision of resplendence.

Completing the ensemble, a floral-shaped headpiece crowns the wearer, a testament to nature's artistry. A sheer off-white tulle veil, like a wisp of dreams, lends an air of enchantment.

Together, they compose a bridal portrait of timeless beauty and grace, where every detail is a brushstroke of sublime artistry.
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