Tulle beaded dress with off-shoulder sleeves – Saiid Kobeisy Online

Tulle beaded dress with off-shoulder sleeves

The off-white tulle dress embodies the essence of beauty, its fabric delicately floating like a soft cloud. The dress features off-shoulder sleeves that extend beyond their traditional role, transforming into a mesmerizing cape that cascades gracefully to the back.

The cape adds a touch of regal grandeur, following the wearer's movements with captivating allure. As it flows behind, it leaves a trail of enchantment.

Branches of lines, carefully tailored to the body, meander across the dress, creating a stunning silhouette. Silk threads, like delicate brushstrokes, intricately weave their way along the lines, nestled within the web of threads, crystals and pearls glimmer like celestial stars
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