Scuba Mikado dress with abstract skirt – Saiid Kobeisy Online

Scuba Mikado dress with abstract skirt

The off-white Silk Mikado dress emerges as a vision of contemporary elegance, its sleek silhouette boasting a modern twist on classic beauty. The skirt of this enchanting creation takes on an abstract shape, defying convention with its unconventional lines and angles.

The dress embraces the shoulders with off-shoulder sleeves, their elegant lines framing the décolletage with a graceful allure. The sleeves extend into a long cape, which delicately follows the contours of the overskirt.

The beading on this exceptional gown is a masterful combination of delicacy and opulence. Organza flowers, ethereal and light, intermingle with clusters of beads, creating a harmonious fusion of textures and materials.
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